Koelliker S.p.A.

Koelliker S.p.A.

The Koelliker Group, since its foundation, imports and distributes for the Italian market "new brands", which over the years have become synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation.

The vocation of the Group was founded by a brilliant business idea, which has grown over time and has had to deal with a narrow-minded and closed Italian market.The Koelliker Group currently imports, distributes and markets the trademarks of Mitsubishi and SsangYong cars.

For the past ten years, it has also opened its logistics activities to all automotive manufacturers in Italy, other than to the retail sellers, by offering them its own logistics and transportation abilities and its certified operational services.The parent company’s skills and areas of expertise cover all the different aspects of marketing and distribution of vehicles in a market as developed and competitive as the Italian one.

From estimated cost analysis to market communication and promotion, from the homologation aspects to the financial, legal, organisational and infrastructural ones, the teams that work within Koelliker S.p.A. offer an efficient back-office service to sales and logistics companies, supporting them with their management difficulties and allowing them to operate "lean & mean" and to focus on the core business of selling and logistics.

This expertise and knowledge, perfected over the years and constantly renewed and contextualised, is the real strength and success of the services and Brands managed by the Koelliker Group.

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