One of the strengths of the Koelliker Group has always been made up of the people who come through over the decades and more, today as in the early days, have brought and bring skills and passion into their work.

Strong managerial skills, technical and commercial knowledge of high quality and great dedication are the foundation of our success. To maintain these standards, the Group operates as a best practice in training and re-training, thanks to a number of days devoted to the improvement of their performance in all areas and at all levels that hardly is unequaled in other realities, despite the period of great change and focus on costs that today distinguishes the successful reality. We do not stop investing in our resources!

Our "pillars", which drive our company, are:

  • One Company:
     In an open minded view, unity and cooperation between the different divisions and functions, to clear and shared goals
  • Add Value:
    Always be creative and decisive, focusing on what creates value, on an individual level and team level
  • Feel Pride:
    We are proud to be part of this group and the results that we are able to bring, even in difficulties

If you think you share these values, if you are passionate about cars or logistics and have characteristics in line with our profiles, you can send an email to or visit the Linkedin Comapany page.

Internship opportunities:

Koelliker S.p.A. offers an interesting program for candidates who wish to acquire "experience in motion "


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