Facts & Figures

  • year: 2015

    2015 is the recovery year for the Koelliker Group. Turnover and sales are rising up steadily, and the percentage of growth is increasing. New objectives and new challenges are always on the horizon.

    year: 2015
  • year: 2011

    After many successes and remarkable sales , the Koelliker Group sells in June 2011, the Kia brand to the National Sales Company. The Group continues to be the one importer in Italy for Mitsubishi and SsangYong brands.

    year: 2011
  • year: 2008

    In November 2008, the direct control of the business was transferred to HMC, with the creation of Hyundai Motor Italy. During the 18 years of management the Koelliker Group sold in the Italian market more than 500,000 Hyundai cars, making the brand one of the most popular on the Italian market.

    year: 2008
  • years: 2003-2004

    Since November 2003, the Koelliker Group is the official importer and distributor of Korean Ssangyong cars in Italy. Since 2004 it also imports and distributes the Ssangyong brand in Austria.

    years: 2003-2004
  • year: 1999

    The Koelliker Group began to import and distribute the Korean Brand KIA. The activity was transferred under the direct control of KIA Motors Europe through the creation of KIA Motors Canada in June 2011.In 12 years of marketing the Koelliker Group has imported and sold more than 300,000 KIA cars and has now become one of the most famous and appreciated Brands for the Italian public.

    year: 1999
  • year: 1992

    It obtained the right to import and distribute the North American vehicles Chrysler-Jeep. The business was sold to Chrysler Co. on March 1, 1996, after reaching the result of about 23,000 vehicles sold in less than 4 years.

    year: 1992
  • year:1991

    In 1991 the business was sold to the Volkswagen group. During the 8 years of management of the SEAT Brand, the Koelliker Group has imported and sold 458,067 cars of the Spanish brand, fundamentally contributing to its presence on the market.

  • year: 1990

    The Koelliker Group obtains for the Italian market the right to import cars built by Hyundai Motor Company (HMC).

    year: 1990
  • year: 1983

    The Koelliker Group began to import and distribute the Spanish SEAT brand in Italy.

    year: 1983
  • year:1979

    The Koelliker Group became the Italian importer and distributor for cars produced by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.

  • years: 1975

    In 1975, the son of Bepi Koelliker, Luigi started working for Koelliker, strengthening international relations with the auto manufacturers.

    years: 1975
  • years: '70

    The beginning of the marketing of an extended line of cars fitted with unique specifications from Koelliker for the Italian market and named and marketed with the logo "Bepi Koelliker Styling"

    years: '70
  • years: '60

    In the 60s he formally assumed the role of Jaguar and Daimler importer. He also began marketing MG and Triumph Trademark cars.
    His collaboration with the British car manufacturers continued with the British Leyland Group, purchasing MINI and Austin among other products.

    years: '60
  • year: 1958

    Bepi Koelliker became the official Italian importer of the English Group ROOTES, manufacturer of Hillman, Sunbeam, Humber and Singer cars.

    year: 1958
  • years: '50

    In the 50s Bepi Koelliker started importing and selling Rolls Royce and Jaguar Brands.

    years: '50
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