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"EXPERIENCE IN MOTION" represents the culmination of the Koelliker Group’s values and history, from its origins to the present day, to the challenges that it will meet in the future.Since the beginning, in a country suspended between the two world wars, to our most recent successes, with our enviable market shares achieved thanks to our new brands, we have never stopped.
Our business model is in fact continuously updated, in order to meet the requirements of our new partners and of the changing market conditions.We face every challenge, every new comparison, in a different way, but we are always supported by the strength of our experience.
This is the uniqueness and strength of the Koelliker Group, of its companies and its people.

koelliker group

Koelliker S.p.A., holding company of a Group of several consistent and interactive companies, provides services to the international automotive industry. The sectors in which it operates are importing, certification, distribution and the creation and management of sales and assistance networks throughout the territory.Its skills and the efficiency of its performances allow us to offer suitable solutions, perfectly developed to meet the needs of individual Brands interested in developing business in Italy and Europe and to take care of all their logistic needs
The experience of the professionals of the Koelliker Group, brought on by years of work in the Italian and European automotive industry, is constantly updated and has enabled us to successfully introduce and manage automobile brands with very different histories and origins: over 1,800,000 vehicles sold, of which 1,700,000 in the last thirty years, are proof of our success.
Once the partnership goals are shared, Koelliker S.p.A. organises and carries out its subsidiaries, necessary to achieve the distribution, commercial, sales and assistance targets, also supporting them later with its Treasury and Finance, Management Control, Marketing and Business Development, Authorisations, ICT and Human Resources facilities.

koelliker group

our history

bepi koelliker the koelliker group's history is the story of a man’s unique adventure: that of bepi koelliker.
at a young age in turin, in the thirties of last century, he was a great lover of the good life and cars and he managed to transform his passion into a successful business.
following his own personal experience - at the wheel of the most exclusive cars at the time – he started to share it through the eyes, comments and satisfaction of his customers, to whom he had not only "sold a car", but a dream come true.
his dream, always focused and open to new experiences, inspired the values that motivate the group, the companies that compose it and their employees.A dream continued by his son luigi and his assistants.Many automobile brands managed over the years, with a unique and effective business model: direct importing, promotion and market success.A showroom in '70s "the success of this model has always been recognized by our manufacturer partners, with whom we have cooperated extensively, sometimes driven by the desire to acquire, directly manage and introduce their own brand to the market (seat, chrysler-jeep, hyundai, kia)."
when this happens, new partnerships are born, new associates with whom we can repeat this path towards success.During the overview and development of each new partnership we pay extreme attention to details, however small, from product definition, to the specifics dictated by the regional distribution of the range, to the advertising campaign, warranty and spare parts management.In a few words, an on-going challenge to create and develop new business opportunities.
The drive with which we meet all challenges is another legacy of our founder’s great passion.So great that still it guides us.

our history
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