Koelliker Group Rewarded With L ' AIDP AWARD 2016

Thanks To the “One week in your shoes” project where people were called to assume the "shoes" of others collegues through  a strong experience , a learning knowing the needs of other for best collaboration and partnership. Goal: increase the mutual trust and reach a high level of alignment and labour in lowering team firsthand and efforts .Each person involved in the program has been called to play the role of researchers and connects via induction / mentoring for two days and a full exchange week.

Tape Calculator Koelliker's Day - February 8, 2016

We are convinced that with a little ' fun you can change many things. As a symbol of change, that sometimes leads to having to abandon our old certainties, also made ​​of old and dusty tools, we wanted to give together a strong and "liberating" message, a sort of final transition to the new, is a taste of the day which was held at the Faldo with our Tape Calculator's Champions!

Lipdub Koelliker Group

The Koelliker Group is always thinking new ways to engage and entertain his team... This is the latest initiative of the Company in which we've been engaged! Fun and group sharing have allowed the creation of this video showing the participation of all employees.

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