Logistics Transport Storage

Logistics Transport Storage

Autotrade & Logistics is a company of the Koelliker Group, operating in the Italian and international automotive industry since the '50s. The management group of Autotrade & Logistics consists of a team of experts in automotive logistics with many years of experience at leading companies in the industry. Autotrade & Logistics ensures the customer a new logistics concept that ensures "Docks to Door" service.

Focus of activity is the territory of the Faldo, about 9 km from the port of Livorno. Here there is the management of vehicles in transit to final destinations in Italy and Europe. 

The need to find a suitable place to put the logistics platform, let Autotrade & Logistics to identify a large plot of 60 hectares and just 9 km from the main docks of ships, in Collesalvetti (LI), which is connected directly to the port with the FI-PI-LI and only 1200m from the highway Genova-Rosignano. The Faldo is thus situated far away from risks caused by salt, sand storms and the port industrial pollution. 

For these reasons Autotrade & Logistics acquired at the Port of Livorno docks with dedicated exhaust priority for 100,000 square meters. Given the strategic location of the Port of Livorno and Faldo, at the center of European trade, and autoviarie and railway connections within and implemented in Autotrade & Logistics site ranks as one of the most important "Entrance Gate" from the sea and not only, towards the Central and Southern Europe, Northern Europe and North Africa.

Autotrade & Logistics also manages entirely logistic yards of some industries automotive, operating in international markets, in the factories of Val di Sangro, Suzzara and Brescia

Autotrade&Logistics SpA

  • Via Pisana Livornese Nord, 97 - 57014 Collesalvetti (LI)

  • Via Catania, 22/24 - 66040 Atessa (CH)

  • Via Volturno, 68 - 25126 Brescia (BS)

  • Strada Valletta - 46029 Suzzara (MN)

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