In its first full year since going on sale in Europe, the Aiways U5 SUV has recorded four-figure sales, surpassing every other Chinese startup in the EV business
Aiways meets customers’ evolving needs with the U5 SUV, an innovative, affordable, and fully electric vehicle, and a modern sales approach
Aiways expands its presence in 9 of Europe’s most important markets, with more to come soon
Aiways expects to exceed 3,000 vehicle deliveries in Europe before the end of the year
In 2022, the U6 electric SUV-coupé will become part of the Aiways range, with increased sales in the following year
In Europe, Aiways plans to launch one new model per year.

Shanghai/Munich, 1 December 2021 – Shanghai-based personal mobility provider Aiways is celebrating its first full year of sales in Europe.
This has been twelve months during which the Chinese startup has managed to revolutionise the electric vehicle (EV) market and challenge some of the most established brands in major European markets.
Some industry experts made no secret of their scepticism when Aiways became the first Chinese start-up to launch an electric vehicle in Europe last year.

However, these reservations did not affect the results achieved by the young EV brand.
Unconstrained by any expectations or historical legacy, the newborn company entered the European market with Aiways U5, an innovative all-electric SUV that boasts class-leading spaciousness, customer-focused functionality and a range of 400 km on a single charge – all at a very competitive price.
Thanks to the quality of the vehicle and an unconventional sales strategy, Aiways managed to win the hearts and minds of European motorists at a complicated time when the automotive industry was facing global challenges such as the pandemic, chip shortages and port congestion.

In the last 12 months, Aiways U5 has been introduced in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, and Italy, with Switzerland, Spain and Portugal to follow in early 2022.
The Aiways U5 SUV proved to be a highly successful first model for the brand, both in terms of its features and the launch strategy adopted in each market.
Aiways has decided to sell the U5 through different channels, depending on the country of destination: completely online, through an established dealership network, or a mix of both.

The hybrid sales method, which includes direct sales and the use of physical spaces, has enabled Aiways to reach a large number of customers quickly and to become known as an emerging brand.
By early November 2021, sales of the Aiways U5 SUV in Europe had reached a respectable four-figure number, making the company the first Chinese EV startup to successfully sell its vehicles on the continent.

Alexander Klose, Executive Vice President Overseas Operations at Aiways, states:
“Looking back on our first year in Europe, we can only be largely satisfied with the success of our U5 SUV.
During these twelve months we have built strong relationships with both customers and our sales partners and we intend to continue to make EV purchasing inclusive and accessible to all.
For several years now, China has been expanding its automotive manufacturing capabilities and now many traditional OEMs recognise the value that Chinese build quality and high-tech manufacturing techniques can bring to their business.”

“Demand for EVs in Europe is increasing, as are sales of Aiways U5, – Klose continues – our strong distribution network has given us a good advantage over many of our competitors, who are still struggling to establish themselves.
We look forward to increasing our market share in Europe over the next few years, particularly with the launch of our new U6 SUV-Coupé early next year”.

Aiways Country by country
Aiways U5 was first launched in Germany in October 2020 and since then the German market has become Aiways’ most successful market in terms of sales.
In Germany, Aiways U5 is sold through the electronics retailer Euronics, which markets the vehicles through its extensive network of physical outlets.
German customers are very appreciative of the U5 and are loyal to the Aiways brand, which they have come to know over the past year.
In Germany, after-sales and service are provided by the A.T.U (Auto Teile Unger) network, which competently supports Aiways owners in Germany.
The Aiways brand has increased its notoriety in Germany following two long-distance driving events held last summer, which received very positive press coverage by the German media, which is traditionally more inclined to supporting the national automotive industry.
In September, three Aiways U5s successfully completed the well-known E-Cannonball race, as well as being driven 1,000 km across Germany in the ED1000 endurance event, where they held their own against many traditional OEMs.
Aiways’ recent partnership with, the German subscription car service, also had a great response, with U5 selling out immediately after being made available for hire.

The Netherlands
Aiways U5 was launched in the Netherlands in November 2020.
The 100% electric SUV, sold online and distributed by Aiways Distributie Nederland, has won a large following of loyal customers, impressed by the vehicle’s ease of use, spaciousness and performance.
After doing their research online, Dutch customers can book a test drive through Profile, Aiways’ service partner in the country.
A convenient online experience that increases the attractiveness of the Aiways brand and makes the customer journey simple and personal.


Aiways’ French distributor, Car East France, is based in the exclusive Villa M in Paris, in the heart of the capital.
Since the start of sales in January 2021, hundreds of Aiways U5s have been purchased by French customers.
Aiways plans to recruit distributors in six major French cities, selling the vehicles in physical locations and virtual points of sale.
In France, after-sales activities are entrusted to Feu Vert, vehicle maintenance experts, supported by Go Mecano’s home maintenance service.
This summer Aiways U5 won the Riviera Electric Challenge, the annual 200 km endurance race in which 37 vehicles from 11 established brands participated.
Aiways was the only Chinese manufacturer to take part in the all-electric vehicle competition, and the Aiways U5 SUV outperformed the competition, taking first place thanks to former French rally driver Bernard Darniche and his teammate Philippe Dupuy.

The Aiways U5 SUV was introduced to Belgium at the same time as its debut in France.
Since then, the popularity of the model, distributed exclusively in the country by partner Cardoen, has continued to grow.
This collaboration has increased Aiways’ business opportunities in Belgium, where 16 showrooms support online sales.
Cardoen, as the brand’s exclusive partner in Belgium, is responsible for the complete customer journey: from initial enquiries through to sales and after-sales.
The new website, which they are currently working on, is designed to increase brand awareness for both private and commercial customers.

Aiways launched in Denmark in March 2021, thanks to a partnership with the established Andersen Motors brand.
As in other countries, sales are handled online and test drives are entrusted to a network that covers most of the country and provides advice on electric vehicles, consisting of 11 agents.
In just seven months, Aiways has already achieved a market share of 1% in Denmark.
The ‘Premium’ version of the U5 is the best-selling version, with more than 90 per cent of Danish customers opting for it.

Since October 2021, when the Aiways U5 SUV was introduced to the Italian market, thanks to the Koelliker Group, customer reactions have been extremely positive, especially with regard to the vehicle’s design.
U5 was particularly appreciated for its style, modern look and innovative technologies.
Potential buyers who have already driven the U5 have praised its driving performance, the exceptional level of comfort for all passengers, and the intuitive on-board technologies.
To date, the Aiways network consists of ten dealers covering Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Marche and Puglia.
In the course of 2022 the network will expand to cover the whole country.

Following the successful launch of the Aiways U5 SUV in six European markets in its first year, Aiways is now looking to a future of further growth.
By the end of 2021, the brand expects to have delivered 3,000 cars in Europe, thanks in part to expansion into three new markets:
Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.

Plans for 2022
Next year, Aiways will present the U6 SUV-Coupé, its second all-electric model.
The U6 will offer zero-emission mobility for drivers who want an environmentally friendly vehicle without sacrificing style and functionality.
For its second year in Europe, Aiways is aiming to achieve five-figure sales by expanding its range and entering new markets.
Growing customer demand and brand awareness will create new opportunities for collaboration with leasing and transport companies that are looking for zero-emission mobility solutions.

“We are a young brand at the beginning of our journey in Europe.
It is an exciting time for our company and a time of great change for the automotive industry in general, which is moving more and more towards electric vehicles.
We are growing rapidly and continue to increase our team in all departments, especially in sales and marketing.
Our innovative approach to mobility in terms of design, technology, and accessible online sales makes Aiways the best choice for those who want to opt for modern mobility,” concludes Klose.