Design your way

There are those who experience the change and those who have chosen to lead it. Technology, design, creativity are just a small part of what moves us: it’s people who really make the difference. We thought of them right away, when the first cars imported by Koelliker arrived in Italy, and we draw inspiration from them every day to understand the challenges of the future.

Maybe we already know each other

We have believed in innovation for more than eighty years. Maybe your grandparents saw one of our Rolls Royces go by in the 1930s, or the Seat Ibiza you drove to school got here thanks to us. But also the Wrangler you dreamed of owning, your first Hyundai or your friend’s Mitsubishi. So, have we met somewhere before?

The future
and today

When we think of the progress of mobility we don’t imagine it as something distant in time.
It is here, in everyday life, and we are ready to build it together. The way we travel has changed but not the desire to look beyond, discover other possibilities, continue to trace new paths.

Our brands