• Sporty proportions and functional details inspired by sleek ‘shark style’ lines help achieve an aerodynamic coefficient of just 0.26, optimising stability and efficiency at high speed
  • Boasting the strongest panoramic sunroof on the market
  • Technological innovation, practicality and style appeal to those who like to be the first to try out new things

Milan, 20 November 2021 – Aiways is an automotive manufacturer founded in 2017 with the intention of responding to the mobility challenges of tomorrow by harnessing the constant advances the automotive industry has been experiencing in recent years.
It was the first Chinese startup to introduce an electric vehicle to the European market with the launch of the U5 in 2020, a battery-electric SUV that boasts exceptional range, style and quality.
In 2022, the U6 electric coupé will be introduced, a new model for Europe featuring a sporty design with highly efficient aerodynamics and intelligent technology that embodies the future of the brand.

Aiways U6 is an innovative battery-electric coupé SUV with the design, practicality and technical features that will redefine the electric vehicle experience on European roads early next year.
Unconstrained by tradition, the Aiways design team gave the U6 highly contemporary proportions, sharp lines and targeted details to optimise aerodynamic efficiency so it does not go unnoticed.

The powerful, patented ‘sandwich’ energy storage system concealed in the underbody, together with the exceptionally compact drive unit, combine with a generous wheelbase and low overhangs. The body is about 5 cm longer than the Aiways U5 and has a sportier character.

In addition to the functional advantages of the spacious interior, the large lateral body surfaces of the SUV coupé open up new design solutions.
Two distinctive horizontal lines divide the sides into three areas. The undulations above the wheel arches are emphasised as if they were taut muscles, while the interplay of lines emphasises its dynamic spirit.

The slightly sloped windscreen and tapered A-pillars flow into the softly curved black roof, making the U6 elegant. The raised lower moulding reinforces this sensation, and below it, the dark side skirts give a sense of lightness, as well as reducing the visual mass between the large front and rear wheels.
The upper part consists largely of tinted glass, the strongest glass roof in the automotive industry.

The front of the U6 is distinguished by two horizontal elements.
The upper area is flanked by the waterfall-inspired lighthouse design while the lower area combines form and function:
large air intakes for cooling incorporate a system of wings that can close for improved aerodynamics.
Underneath, a sleek front splitter increases downforce for greater straight-line stability.

Inspired by the aerodynamic nose of a shark, the upper parts of the bonnet define the character of the U6. The X-shaped structure presents ‘fast lines’ and expresses a determined spirit.

The horizontal orientation of the front enhances the sense of width.
As with the inclination of the windscreen (which has a smaller angle than that of the U5), the U6’s front end is designed to minimise air resistance, resulting in more efficient use of the vehicle’s motor power. The U6’s sophisticated aerodynamics generate a drag coefficient of 0.26. Simple deflectors on the outer edges of the vehicle contribute to the excellent value by separating the airflow from the bodywork and are added to the rear diffuser and spoiler to minimise drag-inducing turbulence.

The two C-pillars keep the shark theme alive at the front with a powerful design reminiscent of the predatory creature’s fins. The same theme is echoed in the two-tone finish, which also emphasises the lightness of the bodywork.

At the rear, an inconspicuous spoiler – another combination of form and function – generates downforce over the rear axle to aid stability at higher speeds.
Underneath, the design of the rear lights includes a thin LED strip that runs across the entire width of the vehicle and frames the rear with a visual shape that echoes the headlights.
Acting as a cohesive whole, the numerous external elements of Aiways U6 help the car body to appear like an outstretched bow as it fires its arrow.

The exterior finish is enhanced by 20-inch CNC machined diamond light alloy wheels, sculpted not only to attract attention but also to better dissipate the heat produced by the braking system.

Notes for editors

About Aiways
Founded in 2017 as a start-up, Aiways is a personal mobility provider based in Shanghai with a European branch in Munich, Germany.
The term Aiways comes from the cross between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and road travel (WAYS), a vision to create new modes of transport and a technologically advanced lifestyle.
Passion is not forgotten, because AICHI in Chinese stands for Love of travel.
Aiways was born from a blank sheet of paper, using its own platform developed specifically for the production of all-electric vehicles, enabling economies of scale and superior quality.
Its aim is to simply and rationally tackle global mobility without sacrificing all the comfort and safety features that are mandatory today.
It is the first Chinese start-up to introduce a native electric vehicle to the European market with the launch of the U5 model in 2020, the electric SUV produced at Aiways’ ‘smart plant’ in Shangrao, one of the most modern automotive production sites in China.
With an initial production capacity of 150,000 units per year, Aiways can increase production to 300,000 units to keep pace with global demand for electric vehicles.
Aiways is continuing its expansion in Europe and beyond: its vehicles can now be ordered in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy and Israel, with more markets to follow soon.
Aiways’ new model for Europe will be the U6 electric coupé.
Focusing on highly efficient aerodynamics, intelligent technology and sporty design, the U6 embodies the exciting future that awaits the Aiways brand.

Gruppo Koelliker
Founded in 1936, Gruppo Koelliker (koelliker.it) is a leader in Italy in the import and sale of automobiles, offering automotive brands expertise in introducing them to markets and supporting their commercial development.
Inspired by its philosophy of meeting new challenges and looking to the future through innovation and professionalism, the company has sold over 2,000,000 vehicles of numerous brands, including Mitsubishi of Japan – for which it has been the sole importer and distributor since 1979 – and SsangYong of Korea since 2003.
The Group also includes Autotrade & Logistics, a team of experts who have been working for years with major companies in the sector, ensuring a state-of-the-art vehicle logistics service, a true “Entrance Gate”.
Finally, the experience gained has allowed the development of the Fleet and Business division for the sale and creation of specific fittings for Ministries, Public Bodies, Companies and Large Industrial Groups.
Today, the Group’s offer is more extensive with five new brands that have one thing in common: electrification.
Aiways, Maxus, Seres, Weltmeister and Karma are the five brands around which the new KGen project revolves: a hub of complete, integrated solutions created to go beyond the current automotive market paradigm.



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