The future
of mobility

As a leader in the import and sale of cars for more than eighty years, Koelliker has made this company philosophy its own: every day it updates the challenges to be faced and the goals to be achieved.

We work every day to transform mobility into energy, designing a new way of experiencing the car, consisting of electric performance and autonomous driving.

The future starts here, with a new generation of electric, connected and intelligent vehicles.


The new sustainable mobility

Our business model is continuously adapted to new partners and changing market conditions. Each challenge, each new hurdle, is faced with fresh eyes, but always with the strength of all that we have already seen and experienced.

Mobility according to Koelliker

An electrical partner for both end users and companies, Koelliker has a wide range of all-electric models.

A range of complete and integrated solutions, created to meet the increasingly specific needs of new mobility customers.

Logistics on the go

Autotrade & Logistics, as a leading player in the Automotive Logistics sector for more than 15 years, aims to provide an innovative logistics system to support the evolution of car manufacturers, rental companies and dealers, offering an integrated and customised service. It is moving ever closer to the world of sustainable mobility and the green economy, which is constantly developing within the sector.

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Responding to all mobility needs

Koelliker positions itself as a hub of complete, integrated solutions created to go beyond the current automotive market paradigm.



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